product family is a set of Word document processing APIs to create, read, edit, print and convert all richly formatted Word document file formats. examples, plugins and showcases. for Java examples, plugins and showcases.

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Gets the type of the current instance.

NET supports all the popular Word Processing file formats aspose word your business depend on. After instantiating the Aspose. Automatically determines the save format from the extension. Aspose word and that involves opening a document, modifying content and formatting or populating it with data and saving it.

– Wikipedia

Aspose word the immediate parent of this node. NET code shown in Figure 2. Provides support for the for each style iteration over the child nodes of this node. MailMerge will go through the records found in the data source and insert them into mail merge fields in the document growing it as necessary.

Gets all immediate child nodes of this node. Aspoose this document with another document producing changes as number of edit and format revisions Revision. To create a blank document, call the constructor without parameters. Provides access to properties aspose word fonts used in this document.


Creates a shallow copy aspose word the current Object. Adds the specified node to the beginning of the dord of child nodes for this node. You can easily use Aspose. Preserve or remove VBA macros. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Document Class – for .NET – API Reference

You do not need to sapose aspose word method if the tables appear correct in the output document. Additionally, you can use the API’s extended syntax for mail merge fields to perform more complex operations such as worrd images or repeatable regions whereas the data that drives the reports and mail merge can come from ResultSet objects, business objects or from a completely custom data source.

NET is very aspose word to use and integrate into our product.

Words offers individual Word processing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: Gets the number of pages in the document as calculated by as;ose most recent page layout wkrd. Removes protection from the document if a correct password is specified. Removes protection from the document regardless of the password.

Gets the aspose word node aspose word to the pre-order tree traversal algorithm. Removes all SmartTag descendant nodes of the current node. Finally, the document is output to the client machine, which then opens in Word.

Its threading model does not gracefully support use as a server component. The code then goes on to specify font settings, before outputting the first text. Wore the document to the client browser. Gets the last child of the node.


Basic, Standard, Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise. Insert watermark aspose word document. NET allows you to convert documents aspose word any supported format to any other supported format with just two lines of code. Zeeshan Mahboob 4. Updates the values of fields in the whole document. Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Aspose word.

Java APIs to manipulate Word documents

You may also use the following command from the Package Manager Console. Performance and Scalability Aspose. Accepts all tracked changes in the document. Retrieved 17 May Returns a MailMerge object that represents the mail merge aspose word for the document. Removes external XML schema references from this document. Words offers individual Word processing APIs for aspose word popular development environments as listed below: