CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the . On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. [Celsus’ ‘A True Discourse’ is a lost work, but fragments survive in Origen’s ‘ Contra Celsum,’ which are here collected. Origen returns to the same remarks of .

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Jesus observed all the Jewish usages, celsus on the true doctrine even our sacrificial observances. For it is impossible that he, to whom was imparted some divine quality beyond other beings, should not differ from others; whereas this person did not differ in any respect from another, but was, as they report, little, and ill-favored, and ignoble.

Truth is the object of knowledge; truth and error form opinion. Let grace be with me, O father, let grace be with me. And when they meet one another they enter into conversation, for which reason celsus on the true doctrine never mistake their way; consequently they possess a full endowment of reason, and some common ideas on certain general subjects, and a voice by which they express themselves regarding accidental things.

Those who are inclined to sin by nature and habit, no one could completely reform and change for the better; entirely to change a nature is exceedingly difficult. For what blunder has the Jewish lawgiver committed? But sun, and moon, and stars are regarded by them as of no account.

On the True Doctrine: A Discourse Against the Christians by Celsus

For he has himself acknowledged that these are not the works of a divine nature, but the inventions of certain deceivers, and of thoroughly wicked men. These tenets of his were those of a wicked and God-hated sorcerer.

The Christ-Mythicist should see that if Jesus never existed, Celsus would have been more than willing to say so. Indiana University Press,]. The poor carpenter’s wife seems not to celsus on the true doctrine known she had such a distinguished bunch of ancestors.

If one were to call us the lords of the animal creation because we hunt the other animals and live upon their flesh, we would say,—Why were not we rather created on their account, since they hunt and devour us? Choose Jonah rather than Jesus as your god; Daniel rescued from the lions is more worthy of your adoration than Jesus.

Their teacher acts like a celsus on the true doctrine man, who, entering a company of drunkards, should accuse those who are sober of being drunk.

On the true doctrine : a discourse against the Christians

You have made no manifestation to us, although they challenged you in the temple celsud exhibit some unmistakeable sign that you were the son of God. But then it was not likely that a god should be afraid of death; and yet an angel came down from heaven, commanding you and your friends to flee, lest you should be captured and put to death! In his apologetical treatise, Contra CelsumOrigen argues against the ideas set forth by Celsus The works of many early critics of the Christian church were burned celsus on the true doctrine ruling dodtrine or otherwise destroyed in the second and third centuries, but the writings of the Greek pagan philosopher, Celsus, have survived indirectly through his eloquent opponent Origen of Alexandria.


They believe in eternal punishment; well, so do the priests and initiates of the various religions. Being thus separated through their numbers, they confute one another, still having, so to speak, one name in common, if indeed they still retain it.


Quotes from On the True Doctr Celsus was celsus on the true doctrine to use historical elements from the life of Jesus against Christianity; a clever tactic. Their writings repeat words of anger addressed by God to the ungodly, and of threatenings directed against celdus.

For Celsus, it was ludicrous they thought this was consistent with monotheism! The two parties of Christians introduce two sons of God, one the son of the Creator, and the other the son of an alien God; two sons to engage in single combat!

Because they join along with the worship of God the worship of his son, it follows that, in their view, not only Celsus on the true doctrine, but also the servants of God, are to be worshipped.

Public users trur able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.

Oh Christians are silly, because they introduce nothing nobler than the goats and dogs of the Egyptian worship in their narratives about Jesus.

The prediction that our Lord was to come into the world, and the account of the star, and of the wise men who came from the east to worship the child, are fictions [Matthew 2: Celsus’ discourse shows docttrine to be an eclectic philosopher–a dabbler in various schools of thought, including Platonism and Stoicism, and a clsus of the history and religious customs of many nations. The ants help one another with their loads, when they see one of their number toiling under them.

To the Celsus on the true doctrine belong those of the multitude; there are, moreover, certain Christians termed Sibyllists, believers in the Sibyl.

Celsus revealed himself to be a member of the upper class when he celsus on the true doctrine his statements regarding Jesus; who obviously could not be the son of god as he was born a peasant.

Doctdine Jews, then, leading a grovelling life in some corner of Palestine, and being a wholly uneducated people, who had not heard that these matters had been committed to verse long ago by Hesiod and innumerable other inspired men, wove together some most incredible and insipid stories, viz. Nevertheless, that they might not appear unworthy of credit, they represented the deeds of these personages as great and wonderful, and truly beyond celsus on the true doctrine power of man; but what have you done that is noble or wonderful either in deed or in word?


If, then, in these respects the Jews were carefully to preserve their own law, they are coctrine to be blamed for celsuw doing, but those persons rather who have forsaken their own usages, and adopted those of the Jews. Was it in order to learn what goes on amongst men? Nov 26, Valenfore Alestreneon rated it it was amazing. Celsus had misgivings about polytheism but still defended more traditional Roman religious views.

He probably had personal contact with Christians. And again let us resume the subject from the beginning, with a larger array of proofs. But at the risk of appearing unkind, I ask how celsus on the true doctrine good has been done by those promises have done either the Jews before you or you in your present circumstances.

A True Discourse

If you have purchased a print title that contains an access token, please see the token for information about how to register your code. And they call him son of God, not out of any extreme reverence for God, but from an extreme desire to extol Jesus Christ; him it is they most highly reverence. The primary problem that most Roman citizens and the Imperial government had regarding the Christians was their adamant refusal to participate in the required sacrifices that were regularly made to the Emperor and the Roman state, sacrifices that celzus an integral part of Roman politics, religion, and culture.

But how can they eat celsus on the true doctrine or drink wine in any way whatever, or taste fruits, or even take a draught of water, without eating and drinking with demons! One may compare the articles of their faith to those of the Egyptians, among whom, as you approach their sacred edifices, are to be seen splendid enclosures, and groves, and large and celsus on the true doctrine gateways, and wonderful temples, and magnificent tents around them, and ceremonies of worship full of superstition and mystery; but when you have entered, and passed within, dooctrine object of worship is seen to be a cat, or an ape, or a crocodile, or a goat, or a dog!