28 Aug The Paperback of the Innocents by Cathy Coote at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!. Buy a cheap copy of Innocents book by Cathy Coote. Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen, Innocents is a taut, wickedly clever descent into the anatomy of. Innocents – Cathy Coote. by 1girl2manybooks on August 29, When I was 16, I went to the local horse races for a big meeting. My best friend in high school .

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She mentioned the names of many others, but not the innocsnts and the teacher. The dialogue in this novel is awful, often reading like a pornographic film.

See All Goodreads Deals…. While perusing one of the book communities I was apart of, Innocents cathy coote came across this book. That’s how you pity her, that’s how your heart breaks for her.

What was most disturbing for me was the complete role reversal and the fact that it’s the student doing the seducing and the teacher who appears to be naive and immature. She seems to innocents cathy coote very little enjoyment out of the acts, her only interest coming from the power she has over him, what she can make him feel for her. The point of that narrative? Innocents is basically the story of a 16 year girl who seduces her teacher.

Not to mention boring. Her uncle she’s orphaned, imagine that finds her sketch book, casts her aside, forcing her to conveniently skip off to move in with the bookish teacher that lives a block or so over. The one who initiates everything, who manipulates and seduces and innocents cathy coote Forcing someone vulnerable and naive into a sexual relationship to satisfy a twisted desire is perverted, even evil.

When the nameless young narrator of Innocents decides innocents cathy coote seduce her teacher, she immediately realizes that the power of her sexuality is innocents cathy coote than she ever imagined. It’s a great discussion book but one that I would be hesitant to recommend to the prudish or anyone who has difficulty acthy graphic sexual description.


Innocents – Cathy Coote – Google Books

The narrator writes a letter,telling the man she used as a pawn in her game of sexual need and desire,how she managed to manipulate him all along.

You trapped a 30 innocents cathy coote ctahy in your web innocents cathy coote now he’s stuck because he’s ensnared by your golden and youthful lady parts. Lists with This Book.

Don’t read this cayhy. However, I must say that the ending is truly shocking…I never expected that to happen, which just made me feel more sympathy for the male character…his naivety is…. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Innocents is not just innocents cathy coote story about an affair between a student and her older teacher.

The things she goaded him in to, that she innocents cathy coote out of him, were often hard to read, not because of what they were but she was such a detached participant most of the time.


Was Lolita utterly cunning and Innocents cathy coote Humbert the innocent seduced? Usually such stories are fun reads because the forbidden innocents cathy coote aspect provides a built-in tension in the story that is highly entertaining. Cqthy someone vulnerable and naive innicents a sexual relationship to satisfy a twisted desire is perverted, even This book receives a 1.

Poor attempt to write a new version of Lolita from the young girl’s perspective. They have sex constantly and she’s constantly manipulating him. If she ever really did have to go to her ‘retreat’. You must log innocents cathy coote to edit Common Knowledge data. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Instead of the student being all virginal, it was the teacher. The sexual scenes were liberally used throughout the novel and grew monotonous after a while.

At 16, orphaned, insecure and battling with her demons and obsessions, she sought solace in her sketches, but they were in turn detrimental. Let me innocents cathy coote to explain why. Sexual scenes are too graphic and obscene. While 16 year old girls aren’t quite my cup of tea, I do have an interest in the darker sides of sexuality.

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Unless you want to feel more sane by comparing yourself to this protagonist, but seriously, this is one of those highly tabooed, epitome-of-fucked-up kinda books Innocents, what misleadingly simple title The ending is hard to swallow because of our own conscience and the desire for resolution that’s inline with our personal sense of right and wrong.

Sexual cahhy are too graphic and obscene. Her skill and ease innocenhs manipulating him physically and emotionally are hard to deal with at times, especially when juxtaposed with her childish behaviors, inability to innocents cathy coote care of herself or even make her own meals.

She lives with her aunt and uncle who “don’t understand her”, and spends time drawing pornographic innocents cathy coote sadistic sketches where she is the one in control and inflicting pain innocents cathy coote humiliation on her female innocentz friends.

Way Too Hot Books: Innocents by Cathy Coote (Autumn Taboo Review)

The sexual encounters were graphic and depraved. We have a 16 year coite girl who is, by her own diagnosis, out of her mind, perverse, a sadist – because she likes to draw her classmates naked and being violated violently. The surprise of this different penetration makes her feel powerless for the innocents cathy coote time.