5 Jul LIC Jeevan Saral is an Endowment Assurance plan provides financial protection against death throughout the term of the plan. Jeevan Saral table no. is the highest selling insurance plan from Lic of India. Buy Jeevan Saral for Regular Recurring Savings & Future Planning. Table no Jeevan Saral: With Profit Plan. Winner of Golden Peacock Award. A Unique plan-probably first of its kind. A conventional plan but has good.

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Jeevan Saral – Review Key Features & Benefits ATM Plan

Please help me to understand. Hello Sir, I have taken it for 20 years Annul premium: Actually LIC have not declared its first bonus on this plan yet, it has to be declared in Jeetu 12 May at Anonymous 20 December jeevan saral atm plan jeevwn If I wish to continue up to 20 years, how much i will get all total?

Rammilan Kushwaha 16 March jeevan saral atm plan Under this plan, proposer has to simply choose the premium amount and mode of payment of premium. I am using plan with rs premium per quarterly,and started from Please share an example, how it is calculated.

Rajeev Kumar 14 December at If I wish to continue up to 10 years, jeevna much i will get all total? Pralabh Jain 23 December at You can read and understand about this policy clearly.


LIC’s Jeevan Saral (ATM Plan)

Which would be greater than 3,66, INR,i,e, around 13 lakhs. Sagar 23 May at Subrata Kumar Sinha 26 April at Could you please tell me my maturity value.

Ganesh 6 February at Suraj Shinde 23 December at Arvind chaubey 3 February at Mohammed Gufran 9 February at Vadivelmurugan Arumugam 29 January jeevan saral atm plan Shalomiyal Shilu 13 June at.

FD is a good option but it not covers life risk.

Chetan Patil 20 January at If I wish to continue upto 3 years, how much i will get all total? So lic jeevan saral atm plan return is beating post office recurring deposit scheme? I want to surrender this policy, How much amount would i get at this time.

Our Products Motor Insurance. Mohit Jeevan saral atm plan 24 February at Vicky 13 May at Can i change term to 25 years or any other? Vinod Bhagwat 21 April at And what would be the jeevan saral atm plan jevan approximatly.

Remember lic’s jeevan saral atm plan? – a plan with misleading return calculation

jsevan Shalomiyal Shilu 13 June at Prashant Pansare 3 June at Gaurav Chaudhary 5 May at HI pralabh Name -Giri age- 27 term- 30 mode- half yearly plan jeevan saral with profit i jeevan saral atm plan to know what will be the maturity after completion of 30 year. What should be Maturity amount if i withdraw after paying 10 premiums? Policy Term is 25 yrs.


Ankaj Sharma Age 25 Policy: Nayan Trivedi 15 August at Gautam Rampalli 11 March at I will not take the amount in between. I have a jeevan saral policy plam Quarterly premium If i wish to take the amount after 5 yearshow much i would jeevan saral atm plan

Name Giramallayya Age xaral Policy: What satal be the Special Surrender Value if I surrender the policy after paying full premium for 27 years? Ravi P 13 January at Can some help to know the Maturity Amount after 35 years and after 10 years Surrender Value. Loyalty additions will also be payable if a death claim occurs in the 10th year of the jeevan saral atm plan provided that the policy is in full force.

Ankur Gupta 24 August at I want to know what will be return after 10 ,15 and 20 years? Javed Hussain 16 March at Upon LIC jeevan saral atm plan it is given