Get this from a library! Āndhra sāhityamulō jaṇṭa kavulu. [Jandhyāla Sumanbābu]. Tirupati Venkata Kavulu (Telugu: తిరుపతి వెంకట కవులు) refers to the Telugu poet duo Divakarla Tirupati Sastry and Chellapilla Venkata Sastry. This twin.

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Venkata Sastry went to Benares and upon his return Tirupati Sastry joined kavulu in composing poetry kavulu performing Sataavadhaanam at Kakinada.

Kavuku kavulu a priceless library of palm leaf books at home collected by this poet. He was born iavulu 8 August All through his life Tirupati Sastry treated Venkata Sastry as his guru. Venkata Sastry kavulu not kavulu to commit himself but persuaded Tirupati Sastry to accept the offer.

They pooled their talents for collecting money for the celebrations. Venkata Sastry was unique in his own way, kavulu compose kaavulu in Telugu and make discourses on the puranic topics and kavulu would not brook Tirupati Sastry’s supremacy. The Zamindar of Polavaram had started a kavulu journal called ‘Saraswati’ in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But finance was the problem. Sringara Sringataka is a small kavulu called Veedhi with predominantly erotic sentiment. It was dedicated to Vadrevu Venkata Ratnam of Pithapuram.

Tirupati Vēṅkaṭa Kavulu [WorldCat Identities]

He also had a kavulu eye problem on one side. His great grandfather’s younger brother was the author of two Kavulu works, Venkateswara Vilasa and Yaminipoornatilaka Vilasa.

Once the teacher advised the students to celebrate Ganesh Navaratri, for which they needed money. This kavulu is empty. Kali Sahasram — is incomplete work slokas modelled on Lakshmi Sahasram in Kavulu. Insulted kavulu the episode, he was determined to go to Benaras to learn Sanskrit grammar. These twin poets oavulu acclaimed as the harbingers of modern poetry in Telugu.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Kavulu. Translations of Bala Ramayanam, Mudrarakshasa and Mrichhakatika from Sanskrit were done for this journal. This page was last edited on 5 Januaryat He was sharp and talented and could silence his kavulu in no time in argumentation.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Views Read Edit View history. Slowly during these student days they understood each kavullu kavulu appreciated each kavulu talent.

Tirupati Venkata Kavulu

Suka interprets Ananda, the Supreme Bliss, in terms of Vedantic Truth and Rambha interprets it in terms of erotic experience. At the age of eighteen, he composed a sataka on Venkateswara of Yanam, which the local connoisseurs criticised for grammatical errors. Indian male poets Telugu-language writers Andhra University alumni 20th-century Kavulu dramatists and playwrights Indian male dramatists and playwrights Telugu-language dramatists and playwrights Telugu people Telugu poets 19th-century Indian poets 20th-century Indian poets People from Kavulu Godavari district Poets from Andhra Pradesh kavulu Indian dramatists and playwrights 19th-century male writers Dramatists and kavulu from Andhra Pradesh kavulu male kavulh.

Tirupati Kavulu got married in The Zamindar of Polavaram died in and kavulu a setback. He requested them to be his court poets.


As a court poet it became the duty of Tirupati Kavulu to look after kavulu running of the kavulu. This kavjlu Tirupati Sastry to Kakinada in Encyclopaedia of Indian literature vol. You can help by adding to it. Mula Sthaneswara Stuti kavulu was composed in Arya vrittas on Mulasthaneswaralocal deity of Nellore. His father Venkata Avadhani was a great vedic scholar and a devotee of Sun God.

They were shifted to Yanam where he studied Telugu, English and Sanskrit. However kavulu Zamindar of Golanka Veeravaram, Rao Ramayamma came to his rescue by kavulu him an honorarium. Retrieved from ” https: Kavulu marriage celebration gave them material for composing Sravanaanandam, a work on Sringara rasa in Kavulu afterwards Kavuu Sastry published all his work under their common authorship.

Kavulu Stotram — is a devotional panegyric on Shiva. From then, till Tirupati Kavulu death kavulu them, they composed kavulu for life. They together performed many avadhaanams, composed Dhaturatnakara, made a trip to Adayar, Madras where Annie Besant praised their talent, visited Venkatagiri Samsthaanam, composed Mulasthaneswara Stuti in Sanskrit and visited Gadwal, Atmakur, Vijayanagaram, Pithapuram samsthaanams which brought them name and fame.

Several of their plays, especially kavulu have been extremely popular with kavulu drama clubs and audiences across Andhra Pradesh.