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Surah Ale Imran, 3: She also protected the life of her nephew Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidinthe fourth Shia Imam, as he lay seriously ill and unable to go to the battlefield. For them there will be a humiliating torment. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is the promise which Allah ohutba made khutba bibi zainab in the Holy Quran.

I am Muhammad’s granddaughter. Why shouldn’t you be like this, although you have done what you wanted to do and have pulled out the roots of piety and virtue!

Our blood is dripping from their hands and our flesh is falling down from their mouths. Now we propose to study the sermon of lady Zaynab which she delivered in the court khutba bibi zainab in Yazid and which is recorded in a book written in the third century A.

Sermon of Zaynab bint Ali in the court of Yazid – Wikipedia

Zaynab bint Ali stated that the battle of Karbala had a positive effect on history. Check date values in: On that day you will see that the best provision which your father made for you was that he khutba bibi zainab in you to kill the children of the Prophet of Allah. Retrieved from ” https: In his book, Explanations on Sermon of Zaynab bint Ali at the Levantpublished by Bustan publications, Ali Khuyba Jahromi reviews different opinions about this sermon.

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However, you shall go before Allah soon. You Yazid may employ your deceit and cunning khutba bibi zainab in, but I swear by Allah that the shame and disgrace which you have earned by the treatment meted out to us cannot be eradicated.

The disbelievers must not think that our respite is for their good We only give them time to let them increase their sins. May praise and salutations be upon my grandfather, the leader of Allah’s messengers and upon his progeny.

Chapter 32: Sermon of Lady Zaynab in the court of Yazid

Then he paid attention to a woman who was objecting. In the name of Allah, The most Gracious, the most Merciful.

Whoever treads the path of sin and persists in committing sins will, according to the verdict of the Qur’an, deny the signs of Allah one day and eventually will ridicule them and khutba bibi zainab in deserve Divine punishment. You will be humiliated.

Khutba-e-Bibi Zainab (S.A) (darbare e Yazid laeen) – Virtual University of Pakistan

It khutba bibi zainab in be the day when Allah will deliver the descendants khutba bibi zainab in the Holy Prophet from the state of being scattered and will bring all of them together in Paradise. I swear by Allah that I do not fear anyone except Him and do not complain to anyone else. On that day nothing but your deeds will count. The woman rose to answer and said: A series of articles on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’ll tell im [who I am]. You may employ your deceit and cunning efforts, but I swear by Allah that the shame and disgrace ln you have khutba bibi zainab in by the treatment meted out to us cannot be eradicated”.


This is the promise which Allah has made in the Holy Qur’an. Zaynab married Abdullah ibn Ja’far and had three sons and two daughters. I pray to Allah that He may elevate their ranks and favor them more with His kindness, for Allah is Omnipotent”.

For this reason and on account of this incorrect thinking you have become zaknab and arrogant. Then lady Zaynab reminded Yazid ln on the day of the conquest of Makkah which took place in 8 A.

Sermon of Zaynab bint Ali in the court of Zaina are the statements made by Zaynab bint Ali in the presence of Khutba bibi zainab in I in the aftermath of the Battle of Karbala when the captive family members of Muhammadprophet of Islamand the heads of those murdered were moved to the Levant it is equivalent to the historical region of Syria Khutba bibi zainab in Our eyes are shedding tears, our hearts are burning, and our martyrs cannot come to life by our reprimanding and reproaching you.

Husayn ibn Ali in Islamic calligraphy. As you have blocked all the paths for us, and we have been made captives and are being taken from one place to another, do you think that Allah has taken away his blessings from us?