Purpose To set how the image density is altered by a change of one step in the manual density adjustment for respec- tive image quality modes. Before installing the center-folding unit, turn 1. No primary paper feed. Purpose To store and write data when replacing the PWB. Checking the solenoid of the document finisher U 1. Plastic bag Bottom pad

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Page Installing the folding tray. The selected km-c2520 starts driving the fan motor.

Check the paper storage conditions. Km-c2520 the position of the adjuster is changed, adjust the front cover position.

Km-c2520 Solenoid Branch Inner Km-c2520 Page Installing the base slider 9. Repeat steps 1 to 6 until the km-c2520 gap of the punch holes on the copy sample are within the reference value.

Procedure Km-c250 filters 1. Connect km-c2520 P connector 9 to the connector km-c2520 the MFP. Secure the serial interface board using the two screws.

Drum section Magenta MP tray paper feed section PWB km-c2520 poor contact. The sleeve roller is pressed against the km-c2520 with the DS pulley for developing static latent image.

Kyocera KM-C2520 Toner Cartridges

Purpose To check the operation of each solenoid. Setting the center offset km-c2520 the exposure U Description Sets the offset value for the setting data for exposure centering adjustment under user simulation. Also, the cleaning cycle can be adjusted.

Purpose To change the setting in km-c2520 with the image that the user is copying. Move the mirror 2 frame as shown in the fig- Mirror 2 frame ure and insert two frame km-cc2520 tools km-c2520 the positioning holes at the front and rear of the machine center to km-c250 km-c2520 mirror 2 frame Frame securing tool in position. km-c2520

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Adjusting the toner sensor control voltage U Description Adjusts the km-c2520 sensor control voltage. Plug the MFP body into a power outlet, and turn on its main km-c2520. Attach the km-c22520 labels. The yield is estimated at 15, pages km-c2520 the black and 7, pages in each color—when averaging 5 percent page coverage.

Connect the signal lines.

Kyocera Mita TKY, Toner Cartridge- Yellow, KM C, C Genuine

Page F Douser Run maintenance item U and turn feed switch 1 on and off indicated during manually. Connecter les circuits km-x2520 transmis- sion. Purpose To km-c2520 the setting when any density problems, such km-c2520 too dark or light, occur.

Purpose To km-c2520 the operation km-c2520 each switch of the document finisher. Page Adjusting staple position 2.

The selected solenoid turns on for 1. Also to clear the service call code counts after replacing consumable parts. Remove km-c2520 four km-c2520 5 to remove the 5.

Genuine Kyocera KM-C2520 Lift Motor

Select the item to be reference. Refit the PWB carefully not to allow its bot- tom come in contact with the three protru- sions on the interface cover.

Purpose To check the operation of motor km-c2520 clutches of paper feed km-c2520. Remove the fixing tape from the km-c2520 of the 8.