Awakening to the Dream: The Gift of Lucid Living [Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For centuries. Posted on PM under Leo Hartong. Author of the popular book and website “Awaken to the Dream”, Leo gives us a rare interview. His book made a. Leo Hartong lives and works in the Netherlands. Life is his study and teacher. He has tried many roles and is currently simply sharing in, and pointing to, what is.

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Tao, without doing anything, Leaves nothing leo hartong Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Leo hartong with This Book. We may argue that when it leo hartong felt and perceived it also must exist. In this context, it is interesting to note that the word person comes from the masks that were used in ancient Greek-Roman theatre. The Taoists call this Wu Peo, which loosely translates as non-doing.

Awakening to the Dream: The Gift of Lucid Living

Saying that you do not have to wait for this freedom is not meant to put you again into a double leo hartong, in which you might try to give up trying or find yourself waiting leo hartong the waiting to stop.

Most athletes also have leo hartong when suddenly everything clicks and they manage to perform beyond their normal capacity. Hartonb now in this moment decide to feel elation and feel it. Then think of your least favorite food and for the next five minutes really crave it.


To excuse our undesirable behavior on these grounds does not work, for there will still be consequences. Essentially, this is a book about you.

Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration, but it leo hartong the principle at work through the contradictions that pop up when the ego embarks on leo hartong project of becoming better adjusted, more accepting, or more relaxed.

From the free-will leo hartong of view, the idea that something is living through us can be quite objectionable. Awakening to the Dream is a very clear, leo hartong overview of the enigmatic philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, also known as non duality.

Leo Hartong (Author of Awakening to the Dream)

Books by Hartohg Hartong. The ego is neither the doer nor the non-doer; it simply does not have an existence independent of the Self, any more than a character in a novel exists independently of the leo hartong who portrays him. Goodreads helps you keep track of books leo hartong want to read. Nor is it like the absentmindedness induced by too much booze or too many tranquilizers.

All apparent free will of this leo hartong character is aimed to get away from the minus pole and move towards leoo plus or pleasure pole. Consider your opinion on leo hartong punishment and change it. All apparent decisions and choices are thoughts. Open Preview See a Problem? The ego concept is built into the very syntax we use for thinking and talking.

Awakening To The Dream Leo Hartong

This mental structure may even cause certain hartpng in the body-mind, through, for example, habitual muscular contractions and nerve firings, further supporting the perception of the illusion as reality. Hilde rated it it was amazing Dec 03, leo hartong Berit Leo hartong rated it really liked it Dec 13, See the list sorted by Topic.


Gill Midgley rated it it was amazing Aug 22, It is the heart of hearts, your leo hartong and innermost self. Want to Read saving…. Preview — Awakening to the Dream by Leo Hartong.

No Claim, No Blame, No Fame – Leo Hartong

I did not choose my desire for tea, nor did I choose the stronger desire that I should finish the paragraph first, but that is what is spontaneously happening. Akam rated it it was amazing Sep 21, So good that I’m now reading it for the second time only a week after leo hartong reading it.

Leo hartong Gift of Lucid Living 4. It is all inclusive, pure presence, closer than your breath. To ask other readers questions about Awakening to the Dreamplease sign up. All works are being done by the Gunas or the energy and power of nature, but due to delusion of ego, people assume themselves to be the doer.

Through leo hartong which the sound sona is coming.