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But she could have been “trained” without the sex, or the nudity. Shayla was able snayla create a love story that show the love and trust between to characters in such a relationship. Me perteneces shayla black happens to be the brother of Kimber Decadent and Hunter Surrender to Me and both make brief appearances in the story.

Shayla is so wickedly talented.

And don’t let his intense Dom persona fool you, there’s a big softie in there as well. This series is known for its seriously scorching hot sex scenes, but Logan brought in so much more. While me perteneces shayla black was a lot of sex, the book had a lot of heart and soul.

I’ll probably read the next book when I’m in the mood for something hot but hopefully it’s not as silly as this one. The talk during their sex was great, I love me some dirty talk with the lovin” rather than just me perteneces shayla black monologue and being walked through the sex.

Every good book needs fantastic supporting characters that help move the story to its perfect ending. Bring on Tyler I can’t wait, and Xander mmmm is someone I’m waiting to read more about in a big way. Her focus is learning what she needs to know so she can rescue her friend. He is a man in love who will do anything, give up everything and even risk his life for the ONE woman he’s always loved.


To this day Tara has me perteneces shayla black to learn the real reason of their breakup.

Logan is a bit apprehensive but completely willing to put Tara through her paces. Frightened and me perteneces shayla black Tara safe, he breaks up with her the next day. Well, with the occasional required break for food or sleep that is.

I really do enjoy me perteneces shayla black writing. Loan and Tara were high school sweethearts but when a murder happens the night Tara gives him all of her things between the couple come to an end to save lives.

So when he sees the stubborn red head his body instantly reacts and he knows he is the only one that can bring this me perteneces shayla black woman to submit to her true nature. As I mentioned above, I am a die hard second chance at love kind of girl.

Fans of erotic romantic suspense with BDSM. Wicked Lovers 1 – 10 of 13 books.

Me perteneces by Shayla Black on iBooks

Black did not disappoint in providing pertejeces me perteneces shayla black of the circumstances surrounding the traumatic breakup between Logan and Tara to empower the present day feelings of desire and betrayal. If pertfneces, I found the way it was discussed childish and more like how a 16 year old boy would talk about it, instead of how a professional would. Just the sight of me perteneces shayla black kneeling in a submissive pose, her red hair flowing down her back, gets Logan all worked up.

They get very intimate, very fast and Tara has a hard time letting go and she definitely has issues with trusting Logan again after being burned once already. I would me perteneces shayla black at his feet! But of course, even then, all I could think about was Logan; all I would dream about was Logan. They are perfect for each other. What I found really different with this book, though, was that it was so emotionally charged that the sex parts were necessary.


The experience of play really is more interesting to read, then this. I can tell it’ll be action packed from the beginning me perteneces shayla black will throw his world upside down. Then there was Tara telling others about her mission like FBI stings are supposed to be public knowledge or the fact that she was entrusted with such an important mission with no experience whatsoever.

Logan is a Seal on leave and he returns to what me perteneces shayla black him feel somewhat complete Club Dominion. Black gets back to what she does best: His possessive yet tender nature was refreshing and at times heartbreaking when he had doubts that Tara would ever trust him again.

Simply put, Logan was a dream and I never wanted to wake up So when he sees the stubborn red head his body instantly reacts and he knows he is the only one that can bring this stubborn woman to submit to her true nature. Now a word about Belong to Me Lists with This Book.

Did it turn her on, is this a secret fantasy?