Michael Hampton- Figure Drawing – Design and Invention – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Michael Hampton’s Figure Drawing: Design and Invention. Pages·· MB· Downloads. while drawing the figure is that the human from is. 8 Nov The use of simple geometric shapes as drawing guides are simple to understand. Not only that, Michael Hampton also builds onto to those.

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This book emphasizes a simplified understanding of surface anatomy, in order to clarify the mechanics of the figure, facilitate invention, and ultimately create a skill-set that can be successfully applied to other media.

The book does have drawig drawing but the focus is on the form rather than the details of the features, although the examples do show the details.

It looks better than most figure drawing books as far as I can tell but thats not saying much since most of them are abysmal, it seems that artists are just really poor at explaining their techniques. It’s a great skill to have, requires little in the way of materials and can be fun. Not unexpectedly, the link to the German amazon-page doesn’t work.

Figure Drawing: Design and Invention

Design and Invention Click here to order from Amazon. I just recently looked up this book on Amazon because I got lucky and stumbled upon it at a Barnes and Noble locally, after peaking inside I had to invest the money.

But this simplification helps you conceive the essence of the figure! I am available for on-site workplace workshops. I’m so impressed with inventipn book. I like the part on finding landmarks — bones that are near the skin. Search this site Search.


That said, having an anatomy reference book to go along will be extremely helpful. May 01, Figue rated it it was amazing. Amazon US has international shipping — that’s how I got mine. Michael Hampton’s book on figure drawing is a must read and an amazing reference book. The many illustrated examples are aimed at helping students develop a feel for the form and volume of figures they draw.

Black Friday deals for Parblo tablets. Isoo It’s great for beginners. Great reference to understand forms, skeleton and muscles in a simplified design and has great tips to improve life drawing, capturing the gesture of the figure. I have heard rumors that he was going to make a Comparative anatomy book, but then again Joe Weatherly made one already.

More info Figure Drawing Book Workshops. Mara Soriano rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Lists with This Book.

Book Review: Figure Drawing: Design and Invention | Parka Blogs

This is helpful for beginners I think, and invejtion explanations are easy to understand. More pictures at parkablogs. The muscle groups are visualised very distinctly in the examples. I know there’s really no chance of it, but I was wondering if this book is going to get re-stocked. Favorite reference and great 1rst book for a beginner.

This book needs to be longer and thicker. Recommend for beginner and intermediate artists. One thing that’s missing is the mention of figure proportions, like how many heads tall a body, length of an arm, etc. Japanese edition of Figure Drawing: It still covers enough for for anyone to draw a decent head. While drawing these quick sketches of the human body, the author also gives helpful information on the use of lines, such as when to use curved and straight lines.


Additionally you will learn how to suggest with the simplest of mark detail that implies much more Mar 25, Daliamon rated it it was amazing Shelves: The 3rd edition of this book has been published Along with some knowledge of bones like the ribcage, pelvis, and spine, these chapters also guide beginners in learning about the parts of the body by demonstrating the importance of volume and forms.

The muscle groups are visualised very distinctly in the examples. The cover shown below is different and some drawings were replaced with new ones.

You know if published in Europe. Nov 17, Parka rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not that I know of.

figure drawing – design and invention

Would highly recommend, the techniques they teach are overall very helpful and useful for me. If you are interested in any type of drawing that involves the human figure, definitely take a look at this book.

As an artist I get a lot of questions about good books or studies to look at for bettering artist skills and this is one of my highest recommended books of all time. Figuree lays out what you nee Drawing has been a lifelong interest of mine, but until recently, I was barely able to draw much more than a stick figure.