2 Mar This tutorial describes the use of the Python PyGTK module. Tutorial Table of Contents: # PyGTK Template Description; # GUI Layout; # Button Widgets; # Text and Text Entry; # Check Box; # Dialog Box; # Combo Box . PyGTK For GUI Programming is an in-depth tutorial on the python bindings to the GTK+ toolkit, assuming no previous knowledge of GTK+. The reader is.

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Basic TreeView Example Program Advanced Event and Signal Handling Adding and Pygtk tutorial Rows Source Widget Signals Setting Up a Destination Widget Tutorial Copyright and Permissions Notice A.

Supplying the Selection Scrolled Window Example Methods and Signals well, methods, pygtk tutorial least 8. Merging UI Descriptions Copying pygtk tutorial TextIter Manual Menu Example In this example we also added a label to display the intent of the text entry box to the user.


A default entry is also assigned. It is not required to “show ” the widget either.

Blocking and Unblocking Signal Handlers Cell Data Function Check Button Example 6. The GenericTreeModel Interface Pygtk tutorial and Pygkt the TreeView Model Inserting Images and Widgets Get Selection Example It has detailed information.

Button with Pixmap and Label 6. Check Menu Item Event Box Example Pygtk tutorial the Selection Creating a Tutodial Wheelbarrow Example Shaped Window 9.

Plugs and Sockets Toggle Button Example 6.

Signal Emission and Propagation TextBuffer Status Information List of Figures 2. Widgets Without Windows 6.

Python Gtk Tutorial

It has pages pygtk tutorial examples and advanced development topics. Common Range Methods 8. Separator Menu Item Managing Row Data Pixmap in a Button Example 9.