It is time to read this book. Cox traverses the history and journey toward the realisation of our current secular society in the modern city. He outlines its links with. HARVEY COX ON THE SECULAR CITY. FRED H. BLUM. H ARVEY COX’S The Secular City’ is an important book. The de- tailed consideration which fol-. XI-XL). Harvey Cox. Every aspiring author hopes that thousands of people will read the book he writes, but secretly wonders if anyone will. When the Macmillan .

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Ability to save and export citations. In the Bible we have God parting the Red Sea and raising Jesus decular the the secular city harvey cox which of course means nothing other than God raising himself from the dead, according to traditional theology ; destroying complete cities with fire and brimstone from heaven and enabling people to walk on water.

Harvey Cox

But in making this defense of the moral possibilities of urban life, he almost completely ignores or minimizes the costs involved. In fact, God “does not ‘appear’ in Jesus; He hides himself in the stable of human history” Toward a Post-Modern Theology in The Epoch of the Secular City pp.

Phrases such as “intrinsic conservatism prevents the denominational churches from leaving their palaces behind and stepping into God’s permanent revolution in history” [3] were viewed zecular threatening to the status quo by some, or seen as an embrace of the social revolution of the s.

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We can share spaces without losing much, in fact we the secular city harvey cox even gain something from it. Terms Related to the The secular city harvey cox Wall Fixed walls: A good description of him.

And yet he is curiously absent in our present reality. I think the jury is still out to some extent, on what happens when this large a number of people congregate in large cities, in megacities, and when you pair that with large migration rates in history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This includes “standing in a picket line” or, as implied on the back-cover biography of Cox, spending time in jail because for the cause of civil rights.

The Secular City: Secularization and Urbanization in Theological Perspective on JSTOR

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The Church as Cultural Exorcist pp. Francisco Espinosa rated it liked it Aug 15, Tim rated it really liked it Feb 05, Secularization, a historical process that Cox regards as inevitable and irreversible, though is not the same as secularism.

I think Cox is right because. How should Christians view the city? What does it mean? Export a Text file For BibTex. Well, the problem, according to Cox, lies in the question itself.

Harvey Cox on the Secular City

Shawn rated it it was amazing May 10, Thomas, a noted South Indian sociologist and lay theologian, writing for a World Council of Churches publication, says:. We now have the first pope the secular city harvey cox an urban world, the first pope from the Americas, not afraid to live in a city hotel instead of an aloof, papal apartment.


His most recent book is When Jesus Came to Harvard: This landmark work inspired heated controversy when MacMillan first published it inpurportedly for adding fuel to the God is dead sentiment harveyy the times.

Contact Contact Us Help Feedback. His reasoning–which is the secular city harvey cox grounded in scripture and religious history as in contemporary sociology and theology–is often perceptive.

Harvey Cox – Wikipedia

That seculra year, Cox arrived as a professor at the Harvard Divinity School, helping to shape new generations of clergy and theologians through his teaching and writing coxx nearly a half century. BlueGryphon rated it liked it May the secular city harvey cox, Ron Martin rated it really liked it Dec 27, At this point, where evangelicals and Cox are most likely to part ways because Cox sees this as a good thing, a sign of the maturing of humanity in becoming what God intended.

Timothy Hall rated it liked it Oct 16, You have javascript disabled.