27 Feb This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. Author: yogi vemana. talapulona galugu dā daivame. This app is to provide easy access to Vemana satakam ( poems) and it’s meaning in simple Verse ‘s original full text is presented in English. Verses of Vemana, translated by C.P. Brown at

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What for is the recipe cooked in an unclean vessel? The human magnet is, in one sense, diametrically opposed to the ordinary magnet. A person who gives push and life lin life is a peerless donor.

When we come up with cooking, the recipe is like nectar. The Poet Vemana’s verses, their number is undetermined and undeterminable. The one who saw Him vemana satakam in english the really accomplished ascetic. The answer is very simple. Thursday, October 10, Butter floating on buttermilk or dew-drop floating on lotus leaf. The great musician-saint Tyagaraja sings in Telugu: In the same way, a person who understands the true spirit of this world, will have nothing to vemana satakam in english


He is present in all. We may or may not believe the above story.

Vemana satakam in english, a person who abstains from food and consumes impurities, how does he get liberation? The last line repeats in every verse of the vEmana Satakam. Priests, Outcastes, Sacrifices, Slaughter, Tanners Vemana was very clear in his denouncing the slaughter which took place during animal-sacrifices to please Gods. But the traitor in an organization moves freely and works secretly to undermine its pillars.


They have some common traits which enable them to succeed in getting elevated as Presidents. Sages nArada and kaNva advised him. Posted by ybr alias ybrao a donkey at 2: Body is not like that.

Posted by ybr alias ybrao a donkey at 9: If we consider carefully, all our things may go wrong. They become a subject of infamy. Tuesday, June 09, If you slow down, the whole Universe stops!

Verses of Vemana Index

Vemana satakam in english verse is similar to what is taught in the philosophical work, bhagavadgita. A person who shows livelihood and support is a grand benefactor A person who spoils a vemana satakam in english is a beast. Elephants will be horses. What will the wicked man know englishh the charm of uprightness?

Even if it may now show its immediate impact, the sinner will drown himself in old age. Age or Era 3, called ‘dvApara yuga’.

Englksh your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Even if a mad person searches for nature, he cannot trace it. How can he see his own spiritual self? Voraciously and fast eaten food, becomes vemana satakam in english burden in the stomach. For the secluded man, where is the relationship with the society?


Vemana Satakam-Telugu, English APK

They never object to it. Likewise, we should not believe the kings. Tuesday, October vemana satakam in english, vEmana’s criticism of idol englush. That food which does not kill or cause pain, will it not be adequate? After creating hopes, he made people to approach again and again. Pride of a rich person: The sound of k has been avoided. Charity is the fourth of these cardinal virtues.

Vemana Satakam-Telugu, English APK Download – Free Books & Reference APP for Android |

The true experience and philosophy is: God lives in hearts and not in stones. They do not know the ultimate injury of such an art. The kingdoms of Deccan of those days were vemana satakam in english to Islamic invasions and plundering by marauders.

Even if one nail drops, the chariot of this body comes to a halt.